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Customer Insight Strategies

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Customer Insight Strategies

How to Understand Your Audience and Create Remarkable Marketing

Kogan Page,

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Learn to sift through the large amounts of data inundating companies and marketers today and glean actionable insights.

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Few data-driven companies make customer data insights actionable, says Christine Bailey. Learn why data should be at the core of your marketing strategy, driving sales and customer loyalty. Marketers who want to thrive in today’s digital world must develop data literacy competencies – thus keeping pace with technological change while humanizing and deepening their marketing strategies. Bailey persuasively urges you to meet and exceed the expectations of today’s younger conscious consumers by radically rethinking your marketing approach, persona and tactics.


Generate actionable customer insights to thrive in today’s personalized marketing universe.

Lots of companies claim to be data-driven – nearly 75%, according to Forrester Research – but less than a third would describe themselves as adept at connecting analytics to meaningful action. Your customer insights should equip you with a deep understanding of your target. In theory, this information should help you respond more effectively than your competitors to your targets’ needs and wants, thus fostering brand loyalty.

Customer insights differ: Some are actionable; some don’t require action because they confirm your pre-existing assumptions or misconceptions; and others demand you rethink your strategy. Actionable insights align to your strategic initiatives and business goals. They are significant in a way you can contextualize and understand, and are applicable and relevant to your user. They are also specific and novel. Clearly communicate your insights by connecting them to meaningful growth-oriented action.

Re-establish trust with consumers by inspiring them to opt in to receive better value via personalized...

About the Author

TEDx Talk presenter of “Unconventional Career Advice,” Dr. Christine Bailey is the CMO and managing director for the international payment solutions company Valitor.

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