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Collaborative Innovation summary
Can “collaborative innovation” give Europe a competitive edge in today’s globalized economy?


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To remain competitive in the globalized economy, European countries must engage in “collaborative innovation,” a process in which start-ups and established companies work together to promote fresh, economy-boosting ideas. This comprehensive report from The World Economic Forum details the benefits of collaborative innovation and explains what governments can do to promote and support it. getAbstract recommends its findings to politicians, entrepreneurs, CEOs and policy-makers interested in European economic growth.

In this summary, you will learn

  • What “collaborative innovation” entails,
  • Why partnerships between start-ups and established firms are mutually beneficial, and
  • What policy-makers and political leaders can do to support collaborative innovation.


As a vital component of economic growth, innovation often involves the commercialization of novel ideas, including products, services, processes and business models. Economies need innovation to fuel growth. Silicon Valley, long held as the center of disruptive technology, now faces serious competition...
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