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Imagine a European Democracy Without Borders summary
Democracy is a slave to systems that are “too big to control." The time has come to set democracy free.


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The ancient Greeks developed democracy to allow all people to determine their own fate and to free citizens from fear and tyranny. Ironically, according to George Papandreou, a former prime minister of Greece, democracy itself has become a slave to systems that are “too big to control” – markets, corruption, wealth, power, and the like. getAbstract recommends his articulate, well-intentioned, though somewhat quixotic, ideas on how to solve the erosion of democracy to policy makers and European citizens who face inevitable political reform.

In this summary, you will learn

  • Why leadership and democracies are failing in global politics,
  • What challenges democracies are facing today, and
  • Why bringing the citizens of Europe back into the decision-making process is necessary.


In ancient Greece...
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About the Speaker

George Papandreou was prime minister of Greece at the height of the euro crisis. He is a member of parliament in Greece and is president of Socialist International, a grouping of political parties that seek socialist democracy.

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    Abdul Niyaz 2 years ago
    implementation of any process is indeed effective but exploitation end up with disastrous situation.
    Transparency is one of the effective tool in implementing the process.

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