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The Power of the Informal Economy  summary
Governments resent “System D,” yet, collectively, the $10 trillion informal economy is the world’s second-largest economy.


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You might think it would be pretty hard to ignore $10 trillion, but this is what economists do when they discount “System D,” the informal economy that employs 1.8 billion people worldwide. Investigative journalist Robert Neuwirth spent four years on the world’s streets studying the hustlers and dealers who eke out a living in System D. getAbstract suggests his analysis of the overlooked market to round out your knowledge of the global economy.

In this summary, you will learn

  • What the “System D” economy is and how it operates,
  • How big business colludes with the black market, and
  • How System D will affect the world economy in the future.


Around the world, 1.8 billion people carve out a living in the open but outside the regulated business economy. They operate in “System D,” otherwise known as the informal or underground...
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About the Speaker

Investigative reporter Robert Neuwirth researched and wrote the book Stealth of Nations.

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