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Elite Sales Strategies

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Elite Sales Strategies

A Guide to Being One-Up, Creating Value, and Becoming Truly Consultative


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“One-Up” salespeople plunge in and make the big bucks. “One-Down”salespeople just make excuses.

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Are you a winning “One-Up” salesperson or a losing “One-Down” salesperson? One-Down salespeople have a million excuses why they seldom make any sales. Their products or services stink. Their prices are too high. Their companies are stupid. On top of everything else, they have bad luck. In contrast, One-Up salespeople never make excuses, and they don’t need to. They’re making sales and making money. If you’re feeling more down than up, turn to sales guru Anthony Iannarino, who describes why salespeople do well – or not – and offers ample information about upgrading your attitude and your sales skills.


“One-Down” salespeople make excuses, but “One-Up” salespeople stay on top. 

Because selling is an outgoing activity, salespeople must be active, proactive and, sometimes, even a bit provocative. 

The best salespeople are ethical, effective, responsible and knowledgeable experts. They’re One-Up, a term drawn from the idea of “one-upmanship,” or always being ahead.Customers like and depend on these confident, relaxed experts and look forward to doing business with them. One-Ups have a winner’s mind-set marked by these beliefs: 

  • “You are responsible for your own development” – Take the initiative to improve your professional skills. 
  • “Everything is my fault” – Don’t make excuses. Hold yourself responsible for your results, good or bad. 
  • “Curiosity does not kill cats” – Remain intensely curious. Go out of your way to learn all you can. 
  • “Seek mastery of your craft” – Take active steps to understand and excel in every aspect of your professional life. 

About the Author

Anthony Iannarino also wrote Leading Growth: The Proven Formula for Consistently Increasing Revenue; The Only Sales Guide You'll Ever Need; The Lost Art of Closing: Winning the Ten Commitments That Drive Sales; and Eat Their Lunch: Winning Customers Away from Your Competition. 

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