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Emotion By Design

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Emotion By Design

Creative Leadership Lessons from a Life at Nike


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Nike exec Greg Hoffman’s marketing guide stresses the emotional attachment between people and products.

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Nike is one of the world’s most iconic brands. The value of its Swoosh logo alone is an estimated $26 billion. Considering its marketing prominence, a book on brand building by Nike’s former Chief Marketing Officer Greg Hoffman carries considerable weight. Hoffman, a 30-year branding veteran, played a major role in planning and implementing some of Nike’s most famous consumer marketing and brand awareness campaigns. Hoffman’s expert playbook can help marketing, promotion and branding teams enhance their creativity and maximize their results. He emphasizes building a strong emotional attachment between your public and your products.



Establish strong bonds with your consumers through “emotion by design.” 

Marketers try to create messages that generate an emotional impact to enhance their brands’ competitive position and market share. They hope they can establish powerful bonds with their customers by evoking strong feelings. This “emotion by design” strategy helps marketers communicate their brand’s compelling ideas and themes to potential loyalists.

Nike is a prime example of a company that creatively engages consumers’ emotions and connects people to one another, as well as to the company and its representatives, including famous athletes.Its branding team devises creative images, narratives and experiences in hopes of spurring customers to feel positive emotions, such as hope for the future, and to associate those emotions with wearing Nike gear.

You don’t have to spend millions or become a prizewinning writer, artist or filmmaker for your design efforts to establish a positive emotional connection with your consumers. The key is to build a marketing team with diverse experiences and high-quality ideas. Give...

About the Author

Greg Hoffman, founder of the brand advisory group Modern Arena, is Nike's former Chief Marketing Officer. 

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