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Emotional Fitness at Work

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Emotional Fitness at Work

6 Strategic Steps to Success Using the Power of Emotion

Career Press,

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When the economy breaks down, workers melt down. Understand powerful emotions, good and bad, to help your business thrive.

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What role do emotions play in the workplace, especially during hard economic times? Psychotherapist Barton Goldsmith poses this provocative, relevant question early in his book. To answer it, he provides accessible, broad advice as opposed to delving deeply into the subject. His book is a compilation of business advice in 62 short chapters sorted into six categories, with a little overlap in places, apparently for the sake of thoroughness. Although perhaps not well served by his proofreader, Goldsmith briefly and interestingly touches on many management topics, like embracing failure, encouraging innovation, having fun in the workplace, planning for crises, resolving conflicts and bestowing recognition. Although he devotes only a few pages to each issue, getAbstract recommends his book as an overview of tips for success with emotionally based concerns in the business world.


Managing in the Slump

The current financial downturn has produced a torrent of alarm, anxiety and anger among U.S. workers. People are worried about the economy and their job security, and they’re bringing that emotion into the office. How do these negative feelings affect the workplace? Unhappy, emotional people may behave unpredictably or refuse to cooperate, either by withdrawing or by acting aggressively. They might miss deadlines, offend clients and co-workers, and fail to contribute. The ongoing crisis likely has made them cautious and risk adverse. Fear may slow their productivity, inhibit their communication and stunt their creativity.

As a manager, do not attempt to handle these problems by pushing employees to suppress their emotions. Instead, encourage them to recognize their feelings and communicate about them in an open, healthy way. Hire experienced counselors if necessary. Although some people think that business professionals should not be demonstrative, you can’t be passionate about your work without being emotional. Emotions provide the energy that fuels your company’s development.

Secrets of Success

High achievers have many traits...

About the Author

Barton Goldsmith, Ph.D., is a psychotherapist, columnist, author and radio host. His articles have appeared in many respected publications, including the Chicago Sun-Times, the Atlanta Journal Constitution and the Los Angeles Business Journal.

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