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Operations Due Diligence book summary
Do you want to know what makes a firm successful in the long term? Ask at least 400 questions.


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Operations consultant James F. Grebey shows you how to assess the operations and infrastructure of a firm, whether you’re an executive looking to increase the longevity and profitability of your company or a financier trying to evaluate the viability of a potential acquisition. This straightforward guide is packed with extensive checklists and 400 questions that will help managers and investors complete a thorough operational evaluation – and read between the lines when necessary. The information is extraordinarily well organized, and the author eschews jargon, preferring everyday language whenever possible, a habit that sets his book apart from many how-to manuals. getAbstract recommends this comprehensive work to investors and managers responsible for assessing a firm’s viability, and to employees whose firms are going through a due diligence evaluation because this basic understanding of the process will go a long way toward dissipating the clouds of unease that come with all those closed-door meetings.

In this summary, you will learn

  • What “Operations Due Diligence” is and how it differs from standard evaluations,
  • How to organize an operations assessment,
  • What areas of a company you should cover in your due diligence process.


What Factors Give Rise to a Good Business?
“Operations Due Diligence” is a method for determining the opportunities, risks and longevity of a company. Investors must perform intelligent due diligence to evaluate a proposed acquisition, but managers should also go through this process to...
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About the Author

Veteran executive Jim Grebey heads Diligent Inc., an operations consultancy.

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