Summary of Your Money and Your Brain

How the New Science of Neuroeconomics Can Help Make You Rich

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Your Money and Your Brain book summary
How neuroeconomics can help you make lucrative investment decisions. Thinking for fun and profit.


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Jason Zweig tackles two daunting subjects – neural research and finance – and manages to make both of them accessible and interesting to a general audience. This long overdue book is not the first to apply the lessons of cognitive and behavioral research to personal investing, but it is certainly among the most comprehensive, credible and clearly written of such books. Much of the material will be familiar to students of cognitive science. If you have already read a lot about personal investing, you will find reminders, rather than new material, in Zweig’s advice about investment decisions. Nevertheless, getAbstract finds that he offers useful hands-on information and entertaining anecdotes as he explains why you should listen to your instincts and emotions when you invest.

In this summary, you will learn

  • How research into the workings of the brain can help you become a wiser investor; and
  • How emotions can help you make money in the market.


Economics and the Brain
Much of the conventional wisdom about investing is erroneous. It suggests that investors are rational analysts who work hard to understand the probable performance of their investments. The assumption is that the harder you work and the more you understand, the ...
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About the Author

Jason Zweig is a senior writer and guest columnist for Money Magazine and He is also the editor of the revised edition of Benjamin Graham’s The Intelligent Investor. Zweig is the co-author of Where Are the Customers’ Yachts or A Good Hard Look at Wall Street and Equity Analysis Issues, Lessons and Techniques.

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