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Futurize Your Enterprise

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Futurize Your Enterprise

Business Strategy in the Age of the E-Customer


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You are about to be taken over – by your customers.

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Which came first, you’ll wonder after reading this book, the future or Futurize Your Enterprise? There’s nothing cryptic about the message here: thanks to the Internet and e-mail, the little people who buy your products and services are talking to each other, and in doing so, they’re becoming powerful. If you’re not ready to put the customer first and get rid of your Old World habits, your business will never succeed. Futurize Your Enterprise is a patient introduction to this new era, a wonderfully workable framework for forging ahead into the Brave New World of e-commerce. David Siegel’s valuable prognostications rise out of a refreshing blend of common sense and potent intelligence. Managers, get your hands on this book – it predicts your doom and your salvation. Study it and you’ll end up on the right side. getAbstract also suggests that students and investors read this book, which will leave you pondering whether it’s predicting the future, or dictating it word-for-word.


The E-Customer

E-customers are your customers of the future. They can be your best friends or your worst enemies, depending on your willingness to serve their needs. Their needs, of course, are much different from the needs of the customers you have served all of your business life. With e-customers, brand loyalty goes out the window. They are loyal, believe it or not, to other customers. If they log onto a site, they are much more likely to respond to customer testimonials - which should be included in that site - than to traditional marketing pitches. These customers are also more finicky than your Siamese cat. They will have many problems, as most customers do. The difference, however, is that they will demand and command solutions. If you don’t serve them well - and quickly - they will be able to start chat lines that destroy your reputation with other customers. But you’ll be fine as long as you’re honest with them and treat each interaction with each e-customer as if it will make or break your relationship. In fact, it will.

Customer-Led Business

You’re still working in the age of the manager-led company. You rely on a few people within your organization...

About the Author

David Siegel is a leading Internet strategist. He is widely known for his best-selling book, Creating Killer Web Sites, which has been translated into 15 languages. Siegel is also an internationally sought-after public speaker.

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