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Ghosts in the Machine

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Ghosts in the Machine

Overcoming Decision-Making Biases in the Sales Cycle with Behavioral Science

Ryan Voeltz,

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Your sales presentations may be logical – but your prospects are not. 

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Salespeople who must close complex, costly B2C sales work hard to make clear, logical presentations to their prospects, pointing out features and benefits that fit each prospect’s needs. So why do prospects often say no? Sales master Ryan Voeltz explains that while sales presentations are always logical, prospective clients are not. Therefore, as he teaches in his heavily footnoted manual, salespeople must uncover what makes their prospects tick psychologically and plan their presentations accordingly. Voeltz’s advice isn’t relevant only to sales professionals; it’s helpful for anyone who presents ideas to others.


Pay attention to your buyers’ psychological motivations.

Sales success doesn’t depend on some secret sauce. There’s no big secret to selling, even in popular methodologies such as solution selling or consultative selling.

While such systems may not matter, behavioral science always does. Success is more likely to come to the salesperson who has an enlightened understanding of buyer psychology, and knows what motivates prospects to buy and how the various common patterns of the sales cycle play out.

Armed with insight, you can communicate more effectively with potential clients, learn what they think of your services or products, and make an effective offer.

Many times, despite a masterful sales presentation, your prospect will not buy. Then, you’ll want to know why prospects act as they do.

Salespeople need to learn the answer to this and other important “whys,” and the psychological factors behind them. You also need to learn the “hows,” such as how to sell to prospects once you understand where they’re coming from psychologically. 

Don’t expect your sales prospects to act logically.

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About the Author

Behavioral science expert and speaker Ryan Voeltz is a seasoned salesperson with decades of experience in a wide variety of B2B and B2C businesses.

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