Summary of How to Find the Perfect Career Fit – An Analytical Approach

How to Find the Perfect Career Fit – An Analytical Approach summary

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Finding the right career fit can feel like solving a mystery – so many questions and unknowns. Career coach and former bioengineer Lindsay Gordon suggests an analytical approach. In an episode of the How to Be Awesome at Your Job podcast, she outlines simple steps to reach clarity about what you want, see hidden possibilities and make choices that fit your own idea of success. Consultant Pete Mockaitis hosts.

About the Podcast

Lindsay Gordon is a career coach for analytically minded people. The How to Be Awesome at Your Job podcast features interviews with thought leaders and results-getters. Its host, consultant Pete Mockaitis, has worked with hundreds of clients to sharpen their communication and problem-solving skills.


Many people don’t consider their full range of options to find a good career fit.

People often have a limited view of their options when they’re considering what to do next in their career. Many people feel they need to quit their job or even leave their field in order to find a better career fit. And during the pandemic, people might have the impression that they can’t be picky.

But even during the crisis, many fields and businesses are thriving and people are finding new jobs that fit them. People often don’t see the possibilities to create a better career fit at their own company or even in their current job.

Not knowing what you want can cause problems in your career.

The feeling of limited options – or of lacking agency – often arises from not knowing what you’re looking for. You need your own definition of success: without ...

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