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How You Make the Sale

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How You Make the Sale

What Every New Salesperson Needs to Know


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Selling doesn`t necessarily take talent; it takes method. To sell well, follow the right steps from greeting to close.

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In clear, succinct, readable fashion, author Frank McNair summarizes time-honored sales counsel. His book is well-organized and straightforward. After each chapter, he provides a brief self-test that will help you remember his most important points. This book does not waste your time with hokey yarns; instead, it is refreshingly businesslike and easily portable. getAbstract recommends this handbook to neophytes who are starting their sales-advice libraries and to experienced salespeople who want a refresher course.


Customer, not Enemy

Many people think of sales as a high-pressure contest between a driven and pushy salesperson and a victimized customer. But sales is not a "zero sum" game that only one person can win. The customer is not your antagonist, and the object of sales is not to prevail. Sales is not a contest of will or strength. Instead, sales is about relationships, since people do not buy from companies; they buy from other people. Successful salespeople are actually service providers.

The Buying Process

Customers go through the following steps as they decide what to buy:

  • Need identification - A customer’s needs may be perceived or genuine. Some "needs" are matters of self-image. A person with a perfectly good, low-power drill, for example, may decide that because bigger drills are now on the market, he or she "needs" a new drill. When you assess a customer’s need, be sure to identify the kind of need.
  • Data collection - Customers do research on products that might fulfill their needs.
  • Need clarification - Customers more clearly define their needs.
  • Option identification - Customers identify particular products or services.

About the Author

Frank McNair has extensive experience with national corporations in sales training, sales, promotion, communication, branding and management. He is a partner in a sales training company.

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