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What Happens Inside Those Massive Warehouses  summary
Mick Mountz offers a fascinating behind-the-scenes account of a seemingly dull topic – inventory management.


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Inventory management may not strike you as the sexiest of topics. But Mick Mountz – founder of Kiva Systems, a manufacturer of mobile robotics – successfully engages listeners in this seemingly mundane subject. Mountz recounts his unique insider’s view to explain how warehouses work in the modern era. Although he assumes his audience has some familiarity with the industry, his ideas are accessible to the layperson. getAbstract recommends Mountz’s behind-the-scenes peek at online order fulfillment to logistics personnel, warehouse operators and curious consumers.

In this summary, you will learn

  • Why e-commerce pioneers such as Webvan failed;
  • How robotics and technological advances have improved traditional warehouse pick, pack and delivery processes; and
  • How warehouse personnel now fulfill orders.


When you place an order online, a box containing your purchase shows up on your doorstep a few days later. How does your purchase get fulfilled? Traditionally, warehouse employees’ jobs involved walked for miles each day to locate and pack products for distribution. However, this model is becoming increasingly...
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About the Speaker

Mick Mountz is the founder and CEO of Kiva Systems, a manufacturer of high-tech inventory fulfillment robots. Amazon acquired Kiva in March 2012.

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