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Kotler on Marketing

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Kotler on Marketing

How to Create, Win and Dominate Markets

Free Press,

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Marketing: It’s not just for the marketing department anymore.

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Philip Kotler draws on lectures he’s given worldwide and textbook basics to craft an informative and refreshing marketing text. Highlighting the primary tools and techniques used by marketing professionals, he encourages companies to adopt a holistic approach that emphasizes customer value over product sales. Since it’s cheaper to retain an existing customer than to acquire a new one, companies should use all of the resources at their disposal - including marketing - in building long-term customer relationships. Beyond the customer-value sermon, Kotler offers a systemic review of fundamental marketing concepts that getAbstract heartily recommends to beginners, who quickly will find their copies of this book glowing with highlighter yellow, as well as marketing veterans, who will enjoy and learn from the book’s fresh take on familiar topics.


Choose Your Strategy

The leaders of successful companies must already be aware of how rapidly today’s world is changing as our destiny is shaped by four powerful forces: technology, globalization, deregulation and privatization. Companies that aren’t preparing for monumental change in the wake of these forces will not survive.

Popular formulas promising marketing success do exist, advising you to provide higher quality, better service or lower prices; secure a high market share; adapt and customize; continuously improve your product; create new products; enter high-growth markets or exceed customer expectations. While all of these strategies represent good goals under certain circumstances, the one marketing road to riches is as imaginary as the yellow brick road in Oz. You cannot depend on one particular differentiation or thrust. Instead, create your own unique tapestry of marketing qualities and activities.

Your choice of strategies depends on your company’s mix of products, services, organizational structures, environmental forces and other factors. For example, branded-goods manufacturers have one set of concerns, such as shrinking margins, rising sales ...

About the Author

Philip Kotler is a professor of international marketing at the Kellogg Graduate School of Management at Northwestern University. He has written or co-authored 15 books, including Marketing Management, Social Marketing, Marketing Places and The Marketing of Nations. He has won numerous awards as a marketing educator.

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