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How To Transform Your Limitations Into Advantages, and Why It's Everyone's Business

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A Beautiful Constraint book summary
Don’t think of constraints as obstacles. They are inspirations.


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In this richly anecdotal, conversational and groundbreaking approach to problem solving, iconoclastic marketing consultant Adam Morgan and co-author Mark Barden help you learn to identify your habitual thought and emotional patterns so you can sidestep them when you face obstacles. They show how a tiny shift in perspective can bring enormous changes. The authors offer remarkably perceptive advice, with insight into and compassion toward the almost infinite roadblocks people put in their own way when trying to overcome a limitation. Unlike most authors who combine the psychological and the practical, Morgan and Barden never exclude themselves from those who need help. They discuss overcoming their own patterns of pessimistic self-regard. The authors’ practical guidance applies to career and personal situations. getAbstract recommends this singular, joyous journey of self-exploration to CEOs, managers, entrepreneurs, the self-employed, students, those fascinated by the psychology of success and failure, and anyone who wants to deal more effectively with any restraint, including self-imposed limits.

In this summary, you will learn

  • How to embrace your “constraints” as inspirations,
  • How to recognize and transcend your habitual thought and emotional patterns,
  • What role emotion plays in motivation, and
  • How to balance obstacles and rewards to achieve your goals.


“Beauty in Constraint”
“A constraint is a limitation that materially affects” your ability to act. Most people chafe at any boundary, even those they impose on themselves. Confinement feels “restrictive and adversely limiting.” But approached with a proper attitude, a limit can broaden...
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About the Authors

Adam Morgan wrote the bestseller Eating the Big Fish and founded the global marketing consultancy Eatbigfish; business speaker Mark Burden heads the firm’s West Coast operation.

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    John Pfeiffer 1 year ago
    A good summary and more precise than the usual "biz self help" around strategies to deal with challenges. But of course as per the genre the uplift is momentary and the onus is still on the reader to "magically transform" themselves and get the benefits.

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