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The Coaching Habit book summary
Asking “seven essential questions” can improve your executive coaching skills.


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Despite executive coaching’s high profile, few managers coach well or even at all. Many equate coaching with giving advice and little else. Coaching involves much more than just talking to people; it requires posing intelligent questions that inspire your employees to talk about their thoughts, their work and their concerns. Managers can use a proactive questioning process to learn what’s going on with their employees (or family members, for that matter) and help them upgrade their skills, reach their own solutions and understand their own actions. Michael Bungay Stanier, the first person honored as Coach of the Year in Canada, uses the construct of seven essential coaching questions to teach managers how to coach effectively. getAbstract recommends his manual to all managers, aspiring business coaches and any practitioners who might welcome a refresher.

In this summary, you will learn

  • What good executive coaching entails,
  • Why managers should develop a sustainable “Coaching Habit,” and
  • How to use the “seven essential questions” for coaching.


Coaching Challenges
Nearly 75% of managers have received training in how to coach their employees, yet 73% of employees never receive coaching. And, when they do, the coaching usually doesn’t help them. In fact, fewer than 25% of employees believe coaching benefited them, and 10% of employees...
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About the Author

Keynote speaker and founder and senior partner of Box of Crayons, Michael Bungay Stanier was the first Canadian Coach of the Year. He also wrote Do More Great Work. For videos and podcasts, visit

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    Luz Calle 4 weeks ago
    A very practical summary and easy to apply immediately
  • Avatar
    Richard Ploss 9 months ago
    Worthwhile summary. Worthwhile rereading
  • Avatar
    Syed Abdul Hadi 9 months ago
    Excelant! &
    So Momentous!!!
  • Avatar
    Rachel Byrd 11 months ago
    Excellent read for any new or experienced leader.
  • Avatar
    Shawn Wolfe 1 year ago
    Very insightful, great read.
  • Avatar
    Don DeWaay 1 year ago
    Simple, straightforward and what else can you ask for in effective coaching? Well done.
  • Avatar
    Lucia Huonker 1 year ago
    Good addition for any "coaching skills" training collection; can be applied within the workplace and externally, too.
  • Avatar
    Georgio Bruzzo 1 year ago
    Outstanding in its simplicity. Easily applicable.
  • Avatar
    Richard Covert 1 year ago
    Good common sense. Keep the questions in your pocket.
  • Avatar
    Jayraj Patel 1 year ago
    very nice summary, when I read it for a second it felt like I am reading a flow chart for developing a Coaching Habit, very clear and pointwise
  • Avatar
    Isaac Garcia 1 year ago
    Excellent advice and summary.
  • Avatar
    Robert Belletiere 1 year ago
    Insightful, a logical approach.
  • Avatar
    Heather Arthur 1 year ago
    great read
  • Avatar
    David Chin 1 year ago
    Highly recommended reading.

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