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The First-Time Manager book summary
Relax rookie managers. Here's your playbook. Now go build your team.


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Many rookie managers feel like imposters until they grow into their jobs, but if you are scaling that learning curve, help has arrived. Authors Loren B. Belker and Gary S. Topchik provide managerial coaching for new occupants of corner offices (or, at least, of cubes with windows). The text provides novice managers with concrete examples, solid discussions, helpful suggestions and insights on a wide menu of corporate challenges. Although the book is redundant in spots, and needs more extensive chapter summaries, it is a terrific tutorial for managers. getAbstract recommends this book to everyone in managerial slots, especially those who just arrived.

In this summary, you will learn

  • How to build office relationships and spark team spirit;
  • Why you must evaluate each employee, and how to do it;
  • How to write a job description; and
  • Why you must know employment law and HR policies.


The Rookie
The good news: You’ve been promoted to management. The bad news: Not everyone wishes you well. What’s more, your company may not provide the training or the tools that you need as a first-time manager. The challenge is daunting, but you will handle the office maze much more ...
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About the Author

Loren B. Belker, an official at a major insurance company for nearly three decades, also wrote the four earlier editions of The First-Time Manager. Gary S. Topchik, managing partner of a management development consulting firm, also wrote The Accidental Manager and Managing Workplace Negativity.

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    Leo Wei 2 years ago
    As a first time manager, you need to go out of your comfort zome, and more focus on peope, not your own tasks

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