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Life's Missing Instruction Manual

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Life's Missing Instruction Manual

The Guidebook You Should Have Been Given at Birth


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What's inside?

How to live fully: a mix of maxims from a sometimes sharp, sometimes sentimental, owner's manual for your life.

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Joe Vitale’s life manual is packed with his highly personal brand of new-age wizardry and inscrutable passages from other modern day self-help philosophers. With aphorisms, maxims and fables on ideas and subjects ranging from sex, food and forgiveness to personal finance, taxes, purpose in life and how to handle death, he proffers a broad, mixed bag of advice - some he wrote and some he anthologizes - with a touch of humor and a dash of preachiness. Rather than presenting a singular world view or moral system, Vitale combs popular self-help best sellers, consults some sweeping religious concepts, and synthesizes their teachings with his own insight. The resulting book is at times quite sharp and smart, and at times simplistic and sentimental. getAbstract recommends it to those who are seeking meaning in their lives and peace in their relationships. Vitale offers enough diverse insights, both familiar and fresh, that some of them are bound to apply - if only to spur your thinking.


Your Power over Reality

Your body comes fully assembled, but it will require food, exercise and sex. It is capable of smiling, which is a powerful communication tool. And, it is capable of laughing, something you should do regularly. Most people see reality as something that they exist within, in their physical form, rather than something they are responsible for creating by how they "focus their mind." The truth is that individuals exercise choice and can shape reality. By force of will, you can decide to be happy. By controlling your thoughts, you can exert influence on the conditions around you, recognizing that:

  1. Life does not have to be hard. With the right perspective life can seem easy and enjoyable. Attitude is up to you.
  2. The thoughts that you have actually exert energy on the world around you.
  3. You can learn to manipulate your thoughts, choosing which ones to accept and which ones to reject, in order to shape reality to your will.
  4. The situations you find yourself in often are manifestations from inside your mind. You are responsible for how your inner self affects the outer world.

About the Author

Dr. Joe Vitale is president of his own marketing firm and the author of numerous books, including The Attractor Factor, The Greatest Money-Making Secret in History and The E-Code: 33 Internet Superstars Reveal 43 Ways to Make Money Online Almost Instantly. His next book is titled There’s a Customer Born Every Minute.

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