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M&A in China

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M&A in China

Getting Deals Done, Making Them Work

Boston Consulting Group,

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With the right planning and counsel, multinationals can effectively close and manage M&A transactions in China.

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Despite an abundance of opportunities, many multinational companies have sidestepped China due to a belief that mergers and acquisitions there portend a long, rocky road fraught with obstacles. While the process may be difficult and particularly complicated for foreigners, smoothing the path to M&A success is possible. This concise introduction from Boston Consulting Group professionals offers real-world advice on handling the promise and pitfalls inherent in China’s business environment. getAbstract recommends it to executives considering M&A in China.


In China, M&A volume totaled $287 billion in the first nine months of 2014, but just $75 billion of that came from overseas firms. The popular perception among potential foreign acquirers is that it is difficult to gain a majority stake in a Chinese business. Would-be corporate investors also believe that regulatory procedures, high asking prices and cultural gaps are insurmountable obstacles. While conducting M&A in China is complex, with appropriate guidance, planning and due diligence, firms can close successful deals.

Pursuing M&A in China may require approval from up to six state entities, as well as from local...

About the Authors

Veronique Yang et al. are Boston Consulting Group global professionals.

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