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Make Brilliant Work

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Make Brilliant Work

Lessons on Creativity, Innovation, and Success

Macmillan Publishers,

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Unleash your potential with insights on how to achieve exceptional and successful creative projects.

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Do you dream of making something brilliant but wonder if you’re capable? You are if you are willing to do what it takes. The advice, methods and mind-sets this book provides will spur you to shake up your way of doing things – and make brilliant work. It just takes commitment. Find out how to get out of a rut, get noticed, gain a new perspective on discouraging experiences, and find confidence and drive. This book will appeal to and inspire anyone who wants to surpass their limits and achieve something exceptional.


Stop trying to fit in.

Being an excellent student doesn’t make you a creative genius. People who do exceptional work often struggled in school. The educational system rewards you for mastering conventional thinking, but brilliant ideas are always unconventional. It’s normal to want to feel accepted, but if you want to create brilliant work, you need to draw motivation from your work itself, not from a desire for approval.

Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs states that humans will focus on basic needs like food and shelter first, but will then feel driven to satisfy higher needs. The highest need is not approval but “self-actualization.” Act based on what’s important to you, not to others. Even if you win awards, it won’t be as satisfying as knowing you have realized your vision. Fulfillment comes from satisfaction in your work, not from external validation.

Not only will original work satisfy you more, it will also have a greater impact on your life. You will connect with more people by making things that fit your personality than by trying to fit in.

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About the Author

Rod Judkins is a lecturer at Central Saint Martins University of the Arts in London, England, and the bestselling author of The Art of Creative Thinking.

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