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Making It Easier to Manage and Scale Digital Projects

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Making It Easier to Manage and Scale Digital Projects

MIT Sloan Management Review,

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Implement a clear innovation process to align digital projects with the company goal.

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The digital revolution has opened a world of new opportunities for companies to engage with and serve their customers. But how can companies make sure they and their customers are getting the most out of new digital projects? Patricia J. Guinan, Salvatore Parise and Robert Maguire have surveyed over 100 companies to determine the most successful approaches to implementing digital projects. They have summarized their findings in an article for MIT Sloan Management Review, using concrete examples from the global pharmaceutical company Johnson & Johnson to illustrate best practices. If you’re a business leader seeking to optimize your digital transformation process, you’ll benefit from the authors’ insights.


Organizations manage digital projects most effectively by implementing a process that adheres to three steps: prototype, pivot and pitch.

Managing digital projects, such as e-commerce websites and mobile apps, requires an agile, cross-functional approach. This differs from old-school, linear product development processes where each department works on its own.

The successful implementation of digital solutions requires teams to test continually and adjust their assumptions related to the needs of customers and other stakeholders, and to convincingly articulate their findings to management for implementation. This system of prototyping, pivoting and pitching allows organizations to scale digital projects most effectively. Examples from pharmaceutical giant Johnson & Johnson (J...

About the Authors

Patricia J. Guinan and Salvatore Parise teach technology, operations and information management at Babson College. Robert Maguire is a specialist in rapid value realization at Johnson & Johnson in New Brunswick, New Jersey.

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