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Management Fundamentals

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Management Fundamentals

Columbia UP,

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The fundamentals of management from A to Z.

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Considering the limitless material on management, one book can’t cover everything, but Steven Cohen and William Eimicke give it their best shot with this primer on organizational management fundamentals. Their dense book details the history of management theory, strategy, sustainability, public relations, ethics, evolving technology, and more. Their information is applicable to managers of public, private and nonprofit organizations, whether inexperienced or veteran. The authors offer a great service with this comprehensive overview of management’s most essential concepts.


Management is about getting people to work.

Though organizational management constantly evolves and becomes more complex, basic management principles remain unchanged. Effective managers utilize professional tools and resources to encourage employees and to make sure their work fulfills the organization’s objectives.

Managers must understand fundamental organizational processes to cultivate the resources that promote corporate sustainability. These resources include customers, stakeholders and a company’s distinct commercial niche or purpose. An organization’s durability and success rest on its managers’ ability to seek and develop resources and to adapt effectively to internal and external changes. 

You don’t need an official title to be a leader.

Anyone can acquire leadership skills and become a better employee, no matter his or her formal role. Learning the skills of both management and leadership gives you a professional edge and boosts your company’s performance.

Management guru Peter Drucker taught that integrity is the most critical component of leadership...

About the Authors

Steven Cohen is senior vice dean of Columbia University’s School of Professional Studies and the director of the Earth Institute’s Research Program on Sustainability Policy and Management. William Eimicke is professor of practice and founding director of the Picker Center for Executive Education at Columbia University’s School of International and Public Affairs.

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