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Men Are from Mars, Women Are from Venus

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Men Are from Mars, Women Are from Venus

The Classic Guide to Understanding the Opposite Sex


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This classic relationship manual forever changed the way women and men communicate with each other. Find out why.

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The best advice resonates deep inside you, causing you to think “of course, I knew that.” As you read this classic by relationship guru John Gray, you’ll find yourself smiling, nodding your head in agreement, and marveling at the simplicity and truth of his advice. Groundbreaking when first published, this manual details the differences between how men and women process emotions, handle stress, and communicate needs and feelings. It also explains how they want their partner to love them. Gray points out how men and women often overlook these essential differences when dealing with each other in relationships. getAbstract predicts that once you read Gray’s guide, you’ll understand why people often refer to it as “the book,” and why it has helped millions of couples everywhere improve their communication and understanding.


“Love, Love Me Do!”

In relationships, men and women share common complaints about the opposite sex. A man might grumble, “No matter what I do, it is not enough to make her happy.” A woman might say, “He doesn’t listen; he is inattentive; he is no longer romantic. I give and give, but I don’t get back.” This discord exists because men and women give love the way they want to receive it. However, men and women have different preferences regarding how they like to receive love. When they don’t get the kind of love they need, they often blame or resent their partner.

To begin solving this problem, you must first understand the innate ways in which the sexes differ. Then, learn a variety of techniques for improving communication with the opposite sex, so you and your partner can provide and receive the love you both want and deserve.

A Mythological History of Love

Once upon a time, men, or “Martians,” lived on the planet Mars and women, “Venusians,” lived on Venus. The Martians discovered the Venusians and fell in love with their unusual ways, and vice versa. The two groups decided to move to Earth to live together. On Earth, the Martians and Venusians suffered...

About the Author

John Gray, Ph.D., is the best-selling author of 16 books. He has conducted personal growth and relationship seminars for more than 30 years and is a world-renowned communication expert.

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    C. S. 4 years ago
    everything is on point! I had to nod all the time! great book, i'll be sharing this to my husband. Thank you, getabstarct!
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    M. P. 7 years ago
    This is a very helpful book to everyone especially those who find it hard to keep relationships because of misunderstanding their partners.
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