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Mindful Parenting Habits

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Mindful Parenting Habits

26 Practices for Raising Your Child with More Presence and Less Stress (From Infancy to Kindergarten)


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Mindful parenting fosters empathy, consciousness and the ability to be fully present for your child.

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Parenting isn’t an easy job, and the heartwarming picture-postcard moments are far too rare. You face little sleep, lots of guilt and a willful little one doing everything possible to try your patience. Mindful parenting provides a path to raising children that keeps you emotionally centered, in control, and able to respond compassionately and appropriately when your young child acts out. Best-selling personal development authors Barrie Davenport and S.J. Scott provide simple techniques that guide you to becoming the parent you want to be, and the best version of yourself for your family.


Mindful parenting can help parents balance the joy and love they feel for their offspring with the stresses of parenthood.

Moms and dads everywhere often struggle with parenting. In addition to everyday child-rearing challenges, like handling temper tantrums or facing little sleep, today’s parents contend with issues prior generations didn’t face. They have to process conflicting messages from an overabundance of experts, deal with society’s evolving attitudes toward marriage and work, and face constant, technology-based disruptions.

People within your circle will give you unsolicited opinions on how to parent. Even strangers on social media are ready to parent-shame at every opportunity.

Mindful parenting enables you to remain even-keeled and offer your best self to your family, despite the pressure and stress of child-rearing. It’s an approach to childcare in which you are intentional and present in the easy times, as well as the difficult moments. You anticipate rather than simply react, and treat yourself and your family with care and compassion.

A mindfulness practice helps you become “intentionally aware” of your...

About the Authors

Barrie Davenport is the founder of the site, Live Bold and Bloom and author of several best-selling personal development books. S.J. Scott is the co-author of several self-help books, including 10-Minute Mindfulness, Mindful Relationship Habits and Declutter Your Mind.

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