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How to Think Different, Curate Ideas & Predict The Future


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Forecast trends to keep your business at the forefront of change.

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After years of accurately forecasting trends in his annual Non-Obvious Trend Report, best-selling Likeonomics author Rohit Bhargava now reveals his practical methodology. He describes himself as the curator of thousands of bits of information that reflect the changing present. He looks for subtle but broad connections among many apparently disparate industries, behaviors and ideas. Then, he uses long-term analysis to find patterns that signal newly forming trends and to develop insights about applying them. His “non-obvious” thought curation process leads him to a deeper understanding of people as interactive consumers and can enable you to anticipate near-future changes in behavior patterns and to use that information to improve your business. Bhargava illuminates his analysis of 15 top trends and tips on applying them with a step-by-step explanation of his forecasting process. getAbstract recommends this distinctive take on trend prediction to intrepid entrepreneurs and curious consumers.


Tracking the Elusive Trend

Holding traditional corporate viewpoints tends to blind marketers to trends. Their perception of what trend spotting involves implies that the trend already exists and awaits their notice. Rather than researching a wide range of examples as parts of a possible whole, many of those who see themselves as trend spotters lazily promote fast-fading fads as real, up-and-coming social forces.

Those with industrial expertise may suffer tunnel vision and miss input that comes from unfamiliar sources. Corporate peer pressure can transform conscious bias or wishful thinking into a self-serving forecast. Even scientists who have credible data may lack the insight to interpret it from the human angle. The press compounds the problem by offering trend predictions that are too unrealistically broad to play out over the long run. The work of discovering real trends is different. It requires curiosity, observation, thoughtful analysis and practical application. Successful trend predictors observe the ever-changing present, noting details for later reflection. They seek connections among industries and ideas.

Helpful Habits of Trend Curators


About the Author

Georgetown University professor Rohit Bhargava predicts trends in his Non-Obvious Trend Report. He founded the Influential Marketing Group and wrote the bestseller Likeonomics.

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