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One Bold Move a Day

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One Bold Move a Day

Meaningful Actions Women Can Take to Fulfill Their Leadership and Career Potential


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Gain confidence and achieve your ambitious goals, one Bold Move at a time.

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While women have made significant strides in the workplace, they still face unique challenges and more scrutiny than their male counterparts. In this helpful text, leadership consultant Shanna Hocking offers a practical, yet inspiring approach for women looking to gain confidence and achieve ambitious goals: make a Bold Move each day. A Bold Move is any action that propels you toward fulfilling your potential. By making Bold Moves in your mind-set, goal-setting and communication, you can discover your best self and become a leader who inspires others.


To make Bold Moves, focus on your strengths and believe in yourself. 

Even small actions can lead to big things. A “Bold Move” can encompass whatever you do, intentionally, to push yourself to grow. It might mean anything from saying hello to a person on the street to negotiating a higher salary. Whether your actions look objectively huge or relatively minor to those around you, use Bold Moves to propel your career forward, cultivate your leadership skills and develop as a person. 

Whitney Johnson, author of Disrupt Yourself, calls your unique, positive qualities your “superpowers.” Identify your superpowers by considering the compliments you frequently receive, which topics people seek your advice about and what skills come most easily to you. For example, author Shanna Hocking reports that her strengths include connecting with and supporting other ambitious women, helping others prepare for challenging work-related conversations and having a very good memory. It may take you some time to identify your superpowers – especially those that come to you so naturally...

About the Author

Shanna Hocking is a leadership consultant with 20 years of experience leading large fundraising teams at major organizations. She is host of the podcast One Bold Move a Day.

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