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The Other

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The Other

How to Own Your Power at Work as a Woman of Color

Legacy Lit,

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Beat the pressure to conform that women of color face at work and start your journey of professional self-fulfillment.

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Women of color face a unique mix of challenges in the workplace, both external and internal. When striving to get ahead in their careers, they can have difficulty unpacking the relationship between the bias and discrimination they face, their internalized limiting beliefs, and the imperfect coping strategies they develop to survive. In her empowering book, Chilean-born immigrant Daniela Pierre-Bravo provides emotional insight and practical tools to help women of color summon the strength to assert themselves professionally and demand equity.


​​​​​​The rules women of color follow to fit in can undermine their ability to lead, influence and exert power.

Daniela Pierre-Bravo was on the way to achieving her career dreams when she realized the fragmented parts of her identity has finally caught up with her. She was the first person in her family with a shot at financial stability and career fulfillment. Hustle was her default mode. When Pierre-Bravo felt overwhelmed by the chaos of her life, she just worked harder.

She moved to New York and worked unpaid internships and multiple jobs until she landed a role as a production coordinator for a cable news show. But Pierre-Bravo’s trouble finding her voice and second-guessing of her choices and value only intensified as she moved into that role of authority.

Women of color, immigrants or children of immigrants learn to prove themselves through productivity. But they have problems reconciling the need to express and advocate their unique ideas with the need to show they belong and gain acceptance in a group that’s not like them.

Don’t criticize yourself for the paralysis that keeps ...

About the Author

Daniela Pierre-Bravo is a reporter for MSNBC’s Morning Joe and co-wrote, with Mika Brzezinski, Earn It!

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