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Podcasting Marketing Strategy

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Podcasting Marketing Strategy

A Complete Guide to Creating, Publishing and Monetizing a Successful Podcast

Kogan Page,

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Learn how to produce a podcast from your home – and how to make it stand out.

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Podcasting can help brands engage younger and more affluent audiences, yet content creators often fail to take advantage of this promising medium. Here, digital marketing specialists Daniel Rowles and Ciaran Rogers help you overcome any perceived barriers preventing you from sharing your message. They offer tips on how to stand out amid the onslaught of new content people encounter online and offer definitive information to help you bridge technical knowledge gaps. Rowles and Rogers provide a practical and comprehensive resource for podcasting to trigger business results from your own home. 


Podcasts offer advantages over other types of online content.

Podcasters have lots of competition – including roughly 2.5 million new blog posts published and 576,000 hours’ worth of video content uploaded onto YouTube every day. But podcasting offers certain advantages because people consume podcasts differently than they do other forms of content. For example, when consuming podcasts, people don’t tend to stare at a screen; instead, they listen while going about their day. And they often spend more time listening to podcasts than they would devote to other kinds of content. People also listen to podcasts in a serial form and often play episodes more than once. 

Podcasting lets you connect with audiences whose demographics skew younger, higher income and more engaged than average. Perhaps you’re not leveraging the power of podcasting because you perceive significant barriers to entry, but in reality, all you need to get started is an audio recorder – even a smartphone – along with a suitable environment for recording and a desire to learn about the medium. 

Podcasting can build user trust and loyalty, strengthening your brand...

About the Authors

Daniel Rowles is CEO of Target Internet, a provider of digital marketing training and resources, and host of the Digital Marketing Podcast. Ciaran Rogers is Target Internet’s marketing director and a co-host and producer of the Digital Marketing Podcast.

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