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Powered by Storytelling

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Excavate, Craft, and Present Stories to Transform Business Communication


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To command the attention of any audience, tell a story.

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Academician Murray Nossel teaches people in business how to harness the near-magical power of storytelling. He has spent 30 years helping people tell stories using his “Narativ Method of Listening and Storytelling.” Nossel explains that to be a good storyteller, you must listen with care to other people when they share their stories. He focuses on the communication facet of storytelling, not the script, and that’s part of what makes his hands-on manual so helpful. According to his system, listening and speaking fuel one another to build genuine connection.


Tell Stories 

Millions of messages, commercial and otherwise, blast at you constantly. How can anyone who must communicate break through this endless din? One simple way: Tell stories. The concept that explains the power of storytelling is simple and straightforward: Stories connect people with each other. Storytelling enables you to penetrate the noise and make a strong impression on any audience. Even if you’re not a natural storyteller, with practice you can become proficient enough to enthrall any audience, no matter the size, on any occasion.

The “Narativ Method of Listening and Storytelling” teaches that active listening matters every bit as much as engaging speaking and storytelling. For effective communication, listening well may turn out to be even more vital than relating your story. Listening with care inspires others to listen to you. Listening is an act of generosity. So few people feel listened to that you will immediately establish connection and stir gratitude when you listen. No communication can occur without listening. The Narativ Method follows six storytelling ...

About the Author

Murray Nossel, PhD, co-founded Narativ with Dr. Paul Browde in 2000 and has taught storytelling for 25 years in more than 50 countries.

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    G. C. 2 years ago
    pretty good
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    M. H. 4 years ago
    Keep telling stories. Your own stories. It will change your life and life of others. Story is inspiration.
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    A. S. 4 years ago
    “Listen as you speak” is a tool to inspire and influence in others— great article! How you inspire others?