Problem Solving 101
A review of

Problem Solving 101

A Simple Book for Smart People

Ken WatanabeVermilion • 2009

Solve It!

by David Meyer

Ken Watanabe’s problem-solving primer for kids became an international bestseller due to its wide-ranging, effective strategies for tackling problems.

Former McKinsey & Company management consultant Ken Watanabe is CEO of Delta Studio, an education, entertainment and media company. His 2007 book on problem-solving for children became a Japanese bestseller, and then an international hit. Businesspeople worldwide found it to be a useful, succinct primer.

Watanabe demonstrates that problem-solving isn’t mysterious. Establish a definite goal, he says, determine the best way to reach it, and implement your plan. Monitor your progress and make any necessary changes. This process will become a valuable, sustaining habit and, with it, you will become an effective problem solver.

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