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PwC's 2023 Employee Financial Wellness Survey

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PwC's 2023 Employee Financial Wellness Survey

Guiding your employees through uncertain economic times


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Employers can take measures to ease the financial stress their employees face.

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Inflation, debt and economic uncertainty are affecting US workers’ finances, adding distractions and undercutting their workplace productivity. Many employers now consider financial wellness in their benefits policies and are seeking to establish programs that can help reduce workers’ economic stress. This 2023 survey from professionals at PwC offers company executives insights into the issues concerning employee financial well-being and ideas on how to make these programs more effective.


Workers are experiencing heightened financial stress.

In January 2023, PwC conducted an online survey of 3,638 full-time employees working in various industries to query them about their financial well-being. The results show that economic uncertainty is affecting employee finances in the United States. Uneven compensation increases, high inflation and spiking credit card debt put workers under extreme financial pressure.

Most businesses are reducing costs in the face of an increasingly volatile global economic environment. More than four-fifths of companies are cutting their workforces through terminations and offers of early retirement packages. This organizational disruption wreaks...

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PwC has tracked US employee financial well-being through its annual survey since 2012.

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