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21.5 Unbreakable Laws of Selling book summary
Sales dynamo Jeffrey Gitomer knows 50.5 reasons why you should read his book on the 21.5 sales laws.


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Jeffrey Gitomer has written 12 books, including the bestseller Little Red Book of Selling. Four million people read his Sales Moves column, more than 250,000 receive his Sales Caffeine weekly email magazine, and he delivers 100-plus presentations annually. Gitomer is a walking sales-training manual with a million-watt smile. He shares worthy, if not particularly original, advice on selling. Unfortunately, his most recent book throws in a few annoying tics, like banal sales quotes in giant, reverse type, attributed unnecessarily to the author and topped with a big “G” and a crown. He proclaims, “I’m sure you will agree with me, this is a great book.” Well, yes and no: It’s solid sales advice with a side dish of ego – but maybe that demonstrates the strength a sales sensation needs. Gitomer’s army of loyal followers will love every “GitBit” (nugget of information). getAbstract finds that, for them, he delivers the goods.

In this summary, you will learn

  • What the 21.5 immutable sales laws mandate, and
  • How you can align your thoughts and actions so these laws benefit you as a salesperson.


Follow The Laws
If you want sales success, you can’t break the 21.5 most basic laws of sales – the profession’s “self-evident truths.” Successful salespeople orient their attitudes, thinking, tactics, strategies and actions to align with these principles. To conquer sales, master these...
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About the Author

Jeffrey Gitomer wrote The Little Red Book of Selling and 11 other sales books. A trainer, webinar host and consultant, he speaks on sales to large corporate and public audiences.

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