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How Top Salespeople Connect and Drive Decisions at the Executive Level

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A Seat at the Table book summary
How can you sell to senior execs? Hint: No one looks forward to sales calls, but trusted advisers are always welcome.


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Do you enthusiastically look forward to having someone stop by to sell you something? Probably not. But how do you feel when a trusted adviser comes in to help enhance your strategy? You’re grateful for the counselor’s time and valuable advice. If you want the welcome mat to be out when you call, heed sales expert Marc Miller, who shows salespeople how to change their image from product hustlers to strategic consultants. Even if some of its strategies seem hard to achieve, getAbstract believes that this book is useful for salespeople who handle big-ticket products and services with extended “sales cycles,” those who sell entirely new products or methods, or those selling commodities who need to shift customers’ concerns from price to value.

In this summary, you will learn

  • What customers want
  • How to sell big-ticket goods and services to senior executives
  • How to position yourself as a “businessperson who sells”


To Customers, Value Counts
Many executives have low opinions of salespeople. They may see them as hustlers pushing products and services whether or not they provide value or help attain strategic goals. What salespeople care about – selling – is not what executives care about – value. ...
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About the Author

Marc Miller is founder and CEO of a firm that offers organizations ideas, products and services to improve sales. He also wrote Selling Is Dead, which covers selling complex business solutions.

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    Rodrigo Arancibia 2 years ago
    great summary...looking forwared to the rest of it
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    Matt Brooks 2 years ago
    This is another approach to move from a product transaction seller to a solutions trusted advisor. This is no longer the trend but the industry norm. Although this process is good there are others out there that maybe a better fit for your industry or role. I like the Challenger Sale

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