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Toyota, Starbucks, Verizon Wireless and other companies succeed because they are consumer-oriented and their branding touches people’s emotions. Such firms don’t focus on what they want; they focus on what their customers want and how they make their customers feel. Branding expert Bruce Turkel discusses how companies profit by advertising their focus on their customers. He recognizes that the product you sell isn’t necessarily why your customers buy from you. Instead, they look for how you make them feel and why you’re different. Your job is to find your “authentic truth,” the factor that separates you from the pack. Turkel’s use of buzzwords and acronyms, especially the use of so many acronyms, gets to be a bit much, but his core message about customer focus is strong and sensible. getAbstract recommends his actionable advice to small business owners, entrepreneurs, and marketing and advertising professionals.

In this book, you will learn

  • How to build a better brand,
  • Why you must make your brand “consumer-centric” and
  • How companies with a consumer focus market themselves.

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About the Author

Branding specialist and consultant Bruce Turkel contributes weekly to Fox Business Channel and has appeared on CNN and ABC as a branding and marketing expert.


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