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Business to Business Marketing Research book summary
Competition got you down? Research can solve b-to-b marketing problems – which differ from those of consumer businesses.


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In this thorough guide, authors Martin P. Block and Tamara S. Block delve into b-to-b marketing research, describing its component elements and explaining how to apply research techniques. They don’t consistently discuss research in the context of the marketing department, so you should probably have an idea of how research fits into your strategy before you open this book. Still, its narrow focus and intense expertise makes it appealing and valuable, if academically written. Block and Block describe how to manage research and find information. They explain how to use customer databases, analytical tools, survey techniques and financial values. This book is not light reading, but recommends it to anyone interested in or working with marketing research.

In this summary, you will learn

  • Which essential steps you should follow in conducting a market research project; and
  • How to evaluate research projects.


Starved for Information
All research efforts have one goal: obtaining more, higher quality information. In the b-to-b marketplace, research takes the form of methodically collecting, dissecting and presenting new information to all the interested parties, for the purpose of improving ...
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About the Authors

Leading marketing researcher Martin B. Block is a founder of the Integrated Marketing Program at Northwestern University’s Medill School of Journalism, where he is a professor. He co-authored Analyzing Sales Promotion. Tamara S. Block heads Block Marketing Research and co-authored The Sales Promotion Handbook.

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