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A Survival Guide

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Dealing with the Customer from Hell book summary
When you deal with the public, irate customers come with the territory. Learn to transform anger into satisfaction.


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Everyone who works in customer service has had a run in with a customer who is dissatisfied or irate. Frustrated consumers are a fact of life. People become angry about the way someone treated them or about malfunctioning products. These encounters make everyone involved feel agitated and upset. So how do you handle these tough customers? In this light, informative book, Shaun Belding offers practical tips for defusing emotional situations, resolving conflicts with customers and improving your service. getAbstract recommends this book to managers and staff members who provide products or services and deal with the public.

In this summary, you will learn

  • How sales professionals can use 18 methods to prevent customer problems;
  • What the LESTER technique is; and
  • Why communication skills are also problem-solving skills.


Bad Memories
"Customers from hell" may not be numerically significant, but they are disruptive enough to send shudders through salespeople who remember the torment of confronting them. Bad experiences with a few customers have lasting effects, which can hamper your relationships with all...
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About the Author

Shaun Belding is the president of an international training and development consultancy specializing in customer service, team building, management and leadership. He is the author of Dealing with the Boss from Hell.

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