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Engaging Anonymous Online Visitors summary
Grow your online customer base by personalizing your website’s anonymous visitors’ experience.


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Roughly 98% of visitors to e-commerce websites leave without making a purchase. Conventional marketing ignores this enormous group of potential customers, preferring to focus on the smaller 2% who convert to a sale, sign-up or download. Online-marketing consultancy BrightInfo reveals how a brand can engage anonymous online visitors to its advantage through “real-time personalization.” Although the white paper is relevant in this era of online marketing, it fails to discuss the possible challenges involved in the process. Nonetheless, getAbstract recommends it to entrepreneurs and online retailers.

In this summary, you will learn

  • Why businesses need “real-time personalization” in online marketing,
  • What factors businesses should consider before adopting any particular personalization strategy and
  • What key capabilities you should look for in personalization solutions.


Conventional online content marketing fails to engage a large group of website visitors – anonymous guests. The usual methods of analyzing online content marketing, such as customer sign-ups and downloads, overlook the buying potential of anonymous online visitors. Customers tend to research a brand...
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About the Author

BrightInfo helps businesses offer the most relevant content to anonymous website visitors. It merges by merging content analysis with user behavior to make personalized recommendations.

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