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What Every Successful Sales Professional Needs to Know

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Selling 101 book summary
Everything you need to know about selling in a tidy package, from prospecting to presenting to closing the deal.


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Seldom is a book as aptly named as Selling 101. This is a true primer on the ABC’s of selling. Author and sales expert Zig Ziglar walks you through the sales process, teaching you how to find prospects, overcome "call reluctance," pose the right questions and ask for the order. He touches on all of the fundamentals, using examples from his experiences to illustrate his main points. His brief, concise prose is easy to understand and even easier to incorporate into your sales practices. The seasoned sales professional will not find anything new in this basic textbook, but getAbstract recommends it to anyone who is new to selling, particularly if you lack a mentor to give you this kind of guidance. This handy manual will provide know-how that is usually gained only by experience in the field.

In this summary, you will learn

  • How to master the basics of selling from prospecting to closing;
  • How to use a four-step selling process to assess your prospect’s needs;


Why Do You Want to Sell?
Sales professionals are treated offensively now and then, and they experience rejection - not once, but numerous times. They are subjected to feelings of frustration, paranoia, anxiety, nervousness, discouragement and self-doubt. So why would anyone want to pursue...
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About the Author

Zig Ziglar is a popular motivational speaker. He has written 22 books about personal development, sales, leadership and success. His bestsellers include See You at the Top, Secrets of Closing the Sale and Success for Dummies.

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