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If you run through terms associated with the word “noble,” you’ll probably mention “noble leader,” “noble physician” and “noble soldier.” How about “noble salesperson?” Hardly. Yet, according to ace sales coach Lisa Earle McLeod, selling can qualify as a noble profession. People vitally depend on the products and services that someone sells them, such as medications that keep them well or vehicles that convey them to work. Having made her case with good stories (thanks for the one about us) and easy approachability, if at an inviting but leisurely pace, McLeod explains why salespeople who have a noble purpose outperform those who don’t. She believes selling “is one of the highest callings you can have,” and she shows the power of that belief for getting sales results. getAbstract recommends her heartening sales manual to everyone with anything to sell.

In this summary, you will learn

  • Why salespeople who operate with a “noble sales purpose” (NSP) outperform salespeople who don’t operate with it,
  • What benefits accrue when you base your work on an NSP and
  • How to develop and implement an NSP within your organization.

About the Author

Lisa Earle McLeod is the founder of McLeod & More Inc., a sales leadership consultancy. An author, coach and speaker, McLeod writes leadership commentary for



The Nobility of Sales
For many salespeople, the secret to superior results is to sell as much to your customers as they are willing to buy. Ironically, top sales producers often outperform everyone else by focusing elsewhere; they pay less attention to just selling and more to benefiting...

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    Jaime Ulloa 4 years ago
    A lot of common sense.
  • Avatar
    David Forry 6 years ago
    Selling with Noble Purpose is a great book and a great book summary. I have had the privilege to hear Lisa speak several times and I always bring up NSP’s when I talk to marketing and sales professionals!
  • Avatar
    Michel Koopman 6 years ago
    Lisa gets to heart of the matter with this book. A good NSP is the secret to success. A great read and guide for any sales professional and leader.
  • Avatar
    Patrick Brigger 6 years ago
    as always, Lisa's ideas are inspiring and worth reading!

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