Summary of The Zombie Business Cure

How to Refocus Your Company’s Identity for More Authentic Communication

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The Zombie Business Cure book summary
“Zombie” businesses drive customers away, but like the walking dead, they don’t care. Come alive.


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Many businesses act like “zombies” by behaving in ways that drive away customers. Like the will-less and speechless walking dead, they don’t care. They lack sensitivity and concern. They blunder and never consider the consequences of their actions. Communications professor Julie C. Lellis and user experience specialist Melissa Eggleston highlight the traits and behaviors that turn well-meaning companies into zombies. They explain how your institution can behave more “authentically, genuinely” and with “grace” to develop a self-awareness and a strong value-based “identity” – and to ward off dismissive, unpleasant behavior. Case studies make this cautionary manual easy to read and entertaining. getAbstract recommends it to those who want to bring their businesses alive for their customers – and to avoid zombies under any circumstances.

In this summary, you will learn

  • How “zombie” firms drive customers away;
  • How to avoid being a zombie company by building an identity based on your true values;
  • Why stability and flexibility both matter; and
  • How behaving “authentically, genuinely” and with “grace” will protect your firm from earning a reputation as a zombie.


The Walking Dead
Like the will-less and speechless walking dead, “zombie” businesses behave like soulless automatons when answering customer complaints – oblivious and uncaring. Zombie companies react – or don’t – to customer concerns in five characteristic ways: Lacking...
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About the Authors

Julie C. Lellis, PhD, is an associate professor and associate department chair in the School of Communications at Elon University. Melissa Eggleston is a consultant to businesses, nonprofits and universities; she specializes in user experience and content strategy.

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