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Schrödinger’s Cheetah

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Schrödinger’s Cheetah

The Economist,

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Quantum computing is here to stay, and it will change how people look at a wide variety of problems.

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Quantum computing may seem an exotic technology that delivers far less than its considerable hype. But quantum computing is as profound a change to the world of computing as quantum theory was to that of classical physics. Much like quantum theory, it will remain alien and seemingly distant from people’s daily lives, but it will change the world in ways no one can yet imagine. Google has demonstrated that “qubits” and entanglement can work together to solve concrete problems, but no one is certain what this will mean. The article will fascinate anyone concerned with the future of computing.


Google’s quantum computer can perform in three minutes a task that would take 10,000 years with the fastest conventional supercomputer.

Researchers at Google have achieved the long-rumored “quantum supremacy” moment by solving a problem, in a few minutes, that conventional computing would have needed millennia to complete.

While the problem tested was of limited general interest, its most important features were that it was very difficult and that its solution could be checked for accuracy by conventional means, validating the success of the quantum calculation.

Quantum computing...

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