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Secrets of Power Negotiating for Salespeople

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Secrets of Power Negotiating for Salespeople

Inside Secrets from a Master Negotiator

Career Press,

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What's inside?

Negotiating a sale is like winning a chess match, so learn these gambits if you want to say, “Checkmate.” (In sales, that means they write you a check.)

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While the market is flooded with books on how to pitch, sell, wrangle and close a deal, this book rises well above most of them. Author Roger Dawson takes salespeople step by step through the economic and psychological aspects of successful negotiating. Expertly and conversationally written, and strategically structured, this book actually delivers what its title promises: plenty of secrets about power negotiating. View your job in sales as a chess game you can control because you know the rules, from the opening gambit to the power plays in the middle, to the all-important close. If you’ve read Dawson’s Secrets of Power Negotiating, you’ll find a good bit of repetition here, but even when he cites the same gambits, he discusses using them to make sales. You only need to read one of the two books, but getAbstract says make it this one if you’re in sales. Learn these gambits, so you can say, "Checkmate."


The Importance of Negotiating

No matter what you’re selling, times have changed. Current trends challenge the old, established ways of doing business. In a trend that will only continue, buyers are becoming better negotiators. Business buyers have more expertise, while consumer buyers are more educated about products and services. As buyers exercise more skill in negotiating, they save more money and get more for what they spend. As the seller or salesperson, this means less money for you and your company.

Contemporary buyers are better informed and may know as much about industries that they deal with as those who work in those industries. You used to be able to assume that the seller always knew more about the product than the buyer. That is no longer true. Sellers don’t have the knowledge-is-power advantage any more and they never will again, because information is easily and instantly available to every customer.

Any negotiation aims to create a win-win solution for the buyer and seller, but there isn’t any magical win-win. There is only perception. With power negotiating, you win at the negotiating table, but the buyers think that they have won. It’s all...

About the Author

Roger Dawson is one of the country’s top experts on negotiating. He founded the Power Negotiating Institute, which has trained executives, managers and salespeople throughout the U.S., Canada and Australia for 20 years. His Nightingale-Conant cassette program, Secrets of Power Negotiating , is the largest-selling business cassette program ever published.

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