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Security Transformation

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Security Transformation

Digital Defense Strategies to Protect Your Company's Reputation and Market Share


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Network security is a means to an end, and that end is customer trust.

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Mary Pat McCarthy and Stuart Campbell provide just enough technical information to help you understand the electronic security risks your company faces without falling into a complete course in computer programming and Internet data transmission. The authors’ most valuable contribution is their structured plan for evaluating your computer system’s security and creating security architecture. getAbstract directs those who want a more advanced treatment of computer security issues to the book’s two appendices, which review some of the same ground in more detail. This book is an important read for CEOs and an essential resource for anyone responsible for corporate security or risk management.


Vandals and Thieves

Computer and Internet security issues are a fact of modern business life. The question isn’t whether the Internet is safe; the question is whether your enterprise and its Web presence are safe. Like any other neighborhood, the Internet has its risks, including vandals and thieves. Sooner or later, every business faces some sort of computer attack. Some companies have had confidential plans stolen, giving their competitors an edge in the marketplace. One company was put out of business when its accounts payable records were destroyed. You must make sure you’ve taken adequate precautions to protect your business. But how much Internet security do you need? What kind should you have? Some businesses, such as medical institutions, need to protect their customers’ privacy. Others, such as financial networks, must guard against theft, while others must protect their intellectual property. Every company is unique.

With a realistic budget, you can build an adequate security environment for your company. Since the Internet is standards-based, it is accessible to any computer on any platform. This is the Net’s great strength, but it is also a weakness, because...

About the Authors

Mary Pat McCarthy  is vice chair of KPMG LLP and global chair of its information, communications and entertainment practice. She advises many of the world’s leading high-tech companies, and co-authored the bestseller, Digital Transformation. Stuart Campbell  is national partner-in-charge of KPMG’s information risk management practice. He works with multinational clients assessing and managing a range of technology risks and concerns.

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