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Sell the Way You Buy

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Sell the Way You Buy

A Modern Approach to Sales That Actually Works (Even on You!)

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Why do salespeople opt for high pressure, not empathy? Expert David Priemer says they don’t know better.

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You must choose between two machines that cost about the same. One firm’s salesperson calls and emails, but clearly you’re just a target. Another firm’s salesperson is considerate, respectful, empathetic and focused on your needs. Who gets the sale? It’s obvious, but then why do salespeople opt for high-pressure tactics instead of empathy? Sales expert David Priemer says they don’t know any better and shows why empathy, science and execution beat high pressure every time.


Successful salespeople communicate well and create positive experiences for their customers.

Sales professionals work hard to be persuasive communicators,but successful selling depends on more than being able to speak convincingly. You must understand how your prospects and customers experience your sales approach.

Developing a compelling speaking style is an essential sales talent, but being skilled in the art of sales is not enough. You must create a positive customer experience by being sincerely empathetic and working hard to understand your customers’ conscious preferences and subconscious motivations.

The best salespeople base their sales on scientific and behavioral principles.

Salespeople need to tap into practical scientific knowledge that relates to purchasing behavior, particularly in the areas of persuasion theory, social psychology, behavioral research and neuroscience. The more you study what motivates prospects to buy, the more sales you’ll make.

Consider these scientific findings:

  • Research by indicates that when salespeople...

About the Author

Former VP at Salesforce – where he created the Sales Leadership Academy program – David Priemer has been published in the Harvard Business Review, MIT Sloan Management Review, Forbes, Entrepreneur and Inc. magazines. For more information, see 

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