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Selling with Integrity

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Selling with Integrity

Reinventing Sales through Collaboration, Respect and Serving


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If you understand your customers' buying patterns, you can make more sales, because every sale will be the best possible solution for the buyer.

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Sharon Drew Morgen introduces a new concept in selling, the Buying Facilitation method. Her sales method focuses on understanding people’s buying patterns rather than the traditional approach of studying the patterns of successful sellers. This book is one of many highlighting the growing trend toward incorporating ethics and values into the way you conduct business. The book provides how-to advice for sellers who want to make the transition to this new paradigm. To sales people, the most important assertion in the book is Morgen’s declaration that ’Buying Facilitation’ will help close more sales than the traditional approach. She presents her ideas in a manner that says, "Try it for yourself. You can always go back to what you were doing before you read this book if it doesn’t work...but I think it will work." recommends this book to sales people and sales managers.


Six Principles of ’Buying Facilitation’

A new business paradigm is emerging. Ethics, values and principles are now part of individual, company and business dealings. This shift includes a new approach to selling.

If you sell using only traditional approaches, you will sell solely to people who buy the same way you sell. If you sell with an understanding of buying patterns, you can sell to buyers of all types. This new relationship-based, solution-focused and ethically-oriented sales approach is called ’Buying Facilitation.’ It offers sales people a different emphasis: focus on how buyers buy instead of on how sellers sell. These principles appear simple, but are very different from the rules most sellers are taught.

  1. If there is no one to buy, you have nothing to sell. Your job is to help prospective customers discover what they need to buy, when they need it and how they can buy it. If your customer doesn’t know these things, it doesn’t matter how good your product is or how well you can sell it. If you make the sale, it is because you offer the buyer the right solution. The sale is a by-product, not a goal, of interacting with potential customers...

About the Author

Sharon Drew Morgen has seventeen years experience in sales. She developed Buying Facilitation in 1984. In only four years, her one-woman company grew into a half-million dollar business with 43 employees. In 1993, she wrote the book Sales on the Line. She attended Syracuse University School of Journalism and graduated from the University of Connecticut with an English/Journalism degree.

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