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Sports psychologist and crisis consultant Rob Fazio explains how to succeed through simplicity. In this lifestyle and job management manual, he presents simplicity-based strategies to streamline your work and life and explains how to build effective approaches for handling the stress that impedes your success. Just look out for the occasional light word tangle, such as this sentence recommending balancing opposite approaches, “It is all right to be subjective, as long as you also take the time to be objective.” Fazio is an accomplished communicator and his simplicity guide is a solid lifestyle manual. getAbstract recommends his generous, sensible advice.

In this summary, you will learn

  • Why “smart-cuts” beat shortcuts;
  • How to use the four building blocks of a simple life;
  • Why you need an “ownership mentality, mind muscle memory” and “political savvy;” and
  • How to handle decisions, stress and difficult people.

About the Author

Sports psychologist and crisis consultant, Rob Fazio, PhD, is managing partner of OnPoint Advising, a keynote speaker and president of the nonprofit Hold the Door for Others.



Take “Smart-Cuts,” Not Shortcuts

Shortcuts can backfire. Instead, adopt a simple, straightforward approach and use smart-cuts instead. This simple, smart approach – based on planned, efficient actions that produce a sizable benefit with a minimum of effort – offers the most direct strategy for success.

Simple strategies are “appetizing” so you like them, they’re “digestible” so they’re easy to use and they’re “memorable” so you can recall them when you need them.

If you run into a stressful situation, evaluate it with the “fit, fight or flight” formula. If the circumstance fits you, stay with it. If not, fight to make it better or take flight and leave it behind.

To attack a problem, adopt the three-part “successful intelligence” strategy developed by Dr. Bob Sternberg, author of Successful Intelligence: 1) Be “analytical” to evaluate problems and ideas, 2) be “creative” to develop innovative approaches, and 3) be “practical” to use your ideas and evaluations to tackle problems.

Four “Building Blocks”

Taking a new, simple approach to life calls for establishing these “four foundations for success”:

  1. “Psychological...

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