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Social Currencies

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Social Currencies

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Do you nurture your social credit rating? You should.

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Every action you take on the Internet affects your “online credit score.” This may seem trivial until you learn of the many and varied implications. Author and analyst Brian Solis shines a light on the practice of grading your online reputation. You might not like it, but you must learn to leverage it. getAbstract recommends this report to consumers interested in maintaining favorable positions in the online and, consequently, offline worlds.


Most people in the “real world” lead three lives: “a public life, a private life and a secret life.” Yet when users overshare their personal information online, the boundaries between these discrete realms become obscured. Few people recognize the importance of maintaining a positive online reputation, but your online persona influences more aspects of your life than you may realize. Nowadays, many employers and university admission boards explore social media profiles to gauge individuals’ potential. Some debt collectors even use online platforms as a means of persuasive interaction. Before granting loans, certain...

About the Speaker

Brian Solis is the principal analyst for Altimeter Group. He wrote What’s the Future of Business?

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