Sooner Safer Happier
A review of

Sooner Safer Happier

Antipatterns and Patterns for Business Agility

Value and Outcomes

by David Meyer

Jonathan Smart, agility practitioner, thought leader, speaker and coach, offers a blueprint of the mind-set you need to embrace Agile or Lean. 

In today’s emergent landscape of unknown-unknowns, old directive methods of work fail in all but the simplest projects. Agility expert Jonathan Smart – with the help of change and agility coaches Zsolt Berend, Simon Rohrer and Myles Ogilvie – describe patterns and antipatterns that drive or impede modern business value.

In this book, which won the Axiom Business Book Bronze Medal in Leadership, Smart details how leaders often focus on methodology – Agile for Agile’s sake, for example – rather than on value and outcomes. Instead, Smart advises leaders to nourish patterns of work that promote business agility. 

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