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Start Late, Finish Rich

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Start Late, Finish Rich

A No-Fail Plan for Achieving Financial Freedom at Any Age

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Learn how to be richer tomorrow by deciding to start today – complete coaching from David Bach.

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The shelves are full of books on personal finance and retirement. Many cover a familiar list of sound principles: Save, get out of debt, pay down your mortgage, add to your retirement investments and live fully. However, getAbstract finds that David Bach’s books are effective in their own distinctive way because of his emphasis on quality of life and simplicity (like using automatic deductions to meet your fiscal goals). Bach’s bestsellers have developed a wide following. If he is your preferred financial guru, you will enjoy this guide to a better fiscal future.


Start Now

Up until yesterday, you may have done nothing to prepare for your financial future, but this is today. To begin, make a committed decision to save. You are in a financial marathon, not a sprint. Even if you are 50, deciding to save $10 a day can make a substantial difference in your ability to retire comfortably. This requires changing the way you live and making real sacrifices, but failing to prepare will result in a much worse scenario. Your life will be far more difficult if you aren’t ready for retirement.

Yes, this would all be easier if you had commenced saving 30 years ago. But you didn’t and nothing will change that. Just decide that, starting today, you will prepare for your life 10, 15 and 20 years into the future. If you keep dragging your past into the present, you will never free yourself to enjoy the rest of your life. Cut yourself some slack. Whatever your present situation is, you can begin to build a better, more joyful life.

If you take the time and energy to analyze your problems, you will realize that many of them involve money. While money alone cannot bring you happiness, lack of it can bring misery. A survey of baby boomers conducted...

About the Author

David Bach is a bestselling author, television personality and seminar teacher. His books include The Automatic Millionaire and Smart Couples Finish Rich.

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